Monday, August 11, 2008

The Battering Ram

I was born for the glory of civilized man

To bring shame to big walled cities

To make sure that aggression always prevailed

The only thing, which satisfied me, was the sound of walls crumbling.

I plotted the ruin of many a great city

History wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for me

I celebrated when Rome rose to glory

And drank wine when she fell.

I was there when Babylon fell

When Alexander marched to Persia

When Titus took Jerusalem

I steered History my way.

I was behind the slaughter of millions

Grounded into dust the walls that gave shelter to the oppressed

Am I not more cursed that the sword or an arrow? Should I not be burnt to dust?

Does not civilization have the right to live instead of me?

The father of man should have me burnt to the ground forever

The treachery I did to man goes beyond forgiveness

I ought to be judged guilty and erased from history

But alas children embrace me and infants take pride in my achievements.

Will no one help to exterminate my kind?

Will no one ever destroy me?

For my guilt has taken over me

When will man put an end to me when will he obliterate me?